No 1 Cardboard Box 250 x 205 x 150mm Each

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These corrugated cardboard boxes are NZ industry standard sizes used by companies all over the country. The Number 6 box has a volume of 0.05 m3 and the Number 9 box holds 0.12m3.

Perfect sizes for stacking on pallets and fit within almost all courier company size breaks. They come flatpacked and are perfect for freighting. Core Blimey offers many great packaging products that can compliment your cardboard box needs. These cardboard boxes are extremely sturdy and durable and are sure to protect your product in transit. Made from quality cardboard, these boxes are very reliable. We offer many different sized cardboard boxes in these various dimensions

 No 0 Cardboard Box 190 x 150 x 155mm

No 1 Cardboard Box 255 x 205 x 150mm

No 3 Cardboard Box 340 x 255 x 305mm

No 6 Cardboard Box 455 x 305 x305mm

No 9 Cardboard Box 510 x 380 x 585mm

Core Blimey can offer your a range of different cardboard cartons and shippers, in any quantity. The cardboard of the box ranges from a thickness of 3mm for the smallest boxes to 4mm for the largest, no. 9 boxes. These cardboard boxes are lightwieght, with the smallest weighing a mere 94g.

The volumes of these cardboard boxes are as follows:

No 0 Cardboard Box volume 0.0044m3

No 1 Cardboard Box volume 0.0078m3

No 3 Cardboard Box volume 0.026m3

No 6 Cardboard Box volume 0.05m3

No 9 Cardboard Box volume 0.12m3