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Mailing Tube Centre

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Here at Core Blimey we work with our sister company, Raven Rolls, to make what we think are the best mailing tubes you can buy in New Zealand. The tubes have a white outer and a brown kraft inner and a 2.2mm wall thickness. This is a LOT stronger (33% thicker) than the tubes you buy at the Post Office or any of the other stationery outlets and improves the strength exponentially. Plus our poster tube prices are a lot more friendly on your budget!

We wanted to have a great product, at a great price which was better that the norm – and we’re really proud of what we make.  Plus our tubes are fully recyclable in curbside recycling they are manufactured with 99% recycled paper!!

We keep a range of tubes on the shelf ready for immediate dispatch. Available in 3 different diameters these tubes are obviously good as mailing tubes, poster tubes and in fact people have stored and transported all sorts of items in them! From T-shirts to hats to belts to coffee cups to fishing rods to wedding invitations....the list goes on.

The standard range of sizes we keep on the shelf is as follows:

101 mm ID x 2.2mm Wall 
 350 mm length Fits A3/A4 size poster
 650mm Length  Fits A1/A2 size poster
 750mm Length  
 900mm Length  Fits A0 Size poster
 1370mm Length  
 1600mm Length  
   76mm Diameter x 2mm Wall   
350mm Length Fits A3/A4 size poster
500mm Length Fits A2 size poster
650mm Length Fits A1 size poster
750mm Length  
900mm Length Fits A0 Size poster
1380mm Length  
1600mm Length  


50mm Diameter x 2mm wall
350mm Length Fits A3/A4 size poster
500mm Length Fits A2 size poster
700mm Length Fits A1 Size poster
1000mm length Fits A0 Size poster
1300mm Length  
1600mm Length  






 When choosing what size of mailing tube to buy some of the things you may want to consider might be:

Do you want to have end caps on your tubes? If yes you need to take into account that a cap will push into the tube around 5mm so make sure you add that 10mm (2 end caps) when deciding the length of the tube you need.

How many tubes do I need? All tubes are available to purchase as singles or in bundles (bundles of 10 for 101 and 76mm ID and bundles of 24 for the 50mm ID tubes). Postal tubes are a lot cheaper when you buy them in bundles!

Think about what you are putting in the tube especially if it is a poster, map, photograph or any kind of sheeted product that you need to roll up to put in the tube. The bigger the diameter of the tube you use the less “curl” there will be on your document when you remove it from the mailing tube.

If you want end caps you will need to purchase them separately – we don’t include them with the tube as lots of people don’t require them. And don’t forget to buy 2 caps per tube (it sounds obvious but it has happened a lot!).