Closed Fridays....

Posted by Vicki Greenbury on 29th Jun 2020

If Covid-19 taught us anything it's the importance of work/life balance! So we're trying a new thing and working longer hours Monday to Thursday and closing the business on a Friday.  So the … read more

Covid-19 Update

Posted by Vicki Greenbury on 3rd May 2020

Covid-19 UpdateWell, what a strange time it has been for everybody.Core Blimey has been operating throughout the lockdown as the cores we manufacture are part of the essential supply chain for Label M … read more

What the Urban Dictionary says about us.

Posted by Vicki Greenbury on 30th May 2019

Just in case you didn't know......cor-blimeyInterjection: "May God blind me!" was once a serious oath, not sworn in anything but earnest. It's shortening was partly to avoid offence and partly for bre … read more
We'll take your money.....

We'll take your money.....

Posted by Vick Greenbury on 5th Oct 2018

We've always accepted Visa and Mastercard as methods of payment and this has not changed with the new website. If you are a Core Blimey 20th of the month account holder, then you can place your o … read more