We'll take your money.....

We'll take your money.....

Posted by Vick Greenbury on 5th Oct 2018

We've always accepted Visa and Mastercard as methods of payment and this has not changed with the new website. 

If you are a Core Blimey 20th of the month account holder, then you can place your order via the website and it will be added to your account. Just make sure you select the "Account Holder" button in the payment part of the checkout process.

We have now added the ability to pay via internet banking.  Select this option when checking out and our bank details will appear for your reference. When you pay this way please make sure to quote your order number and you could also send email to let us know once you have paid (this part is optional).  Once the payment has been sited in our account your order can be processed.

So go ahead and buy your bubble wrap, purchase your packaging and courier your cardboard......we're ready for you!!!

Again, let us know if you experience any difficulties - there are always teething issues with a new website.  So far it's all working out as we expected (I hope words those will not come back and bite me on the #rse!!).