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Bundling Film

Bundling Film.


This is the BEST strapping or bundling product we have come across. Incredibly fast and easy to use if you match it with the end handle. Great for bundling lightweight parcels together and takes just seconds as opposed to the time spent struggling with the blue hand strapping. Not suitable for heavy parcels.

Bundling Film Sizes:
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Corrugated Cardboard.


Single Faced corrugated wrap provides an extra level of firm protection for your items that require additional stability during transit. Simply cut or tear off your desired length, wrap your product, then place your wrapped item in packaging for delivery.

Available in 2 widths 1200mm and 700mm, both 75m long and approx 620mm in diameter.

Corrugated Rolls:
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Corrogated Cardboard Sheets 1.5M x 1M.


Twin Cushion Corrogated Cardboard Sheets, 1.5M x 1M. Cut them to size yourself to keep your prints flat during shipping. Twin Cushion for Extra Strength.

Price: $ 4.95

CD Paper Sleeves

CD Paper Sleeves.


100 x paper cd sleeves suitable for a cd or dvd that may have lost its case. More conservative on space than a standard jewel case and has a clear plastic window for easy viewing of contents.

Price: $ 11.00

Bundling Film End Handles

Bundling Film End Handles.


This is the end handle to match with the bundling film which makes it incredibly easy to strap your parcels together. Check the Bundling Film product for more details.

Bundfilm Endhandle:
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Choose from Invoice Enclose Labelopes, Packing Slip Enclosed Labelopes, or Documents Enclosed Labelopes

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Mini Box Knife. Discounts Apply !
20 cents off each for 10 or more


Small disposable box cutter knife. The perfect size to carry around in your pocket for easy access. It has a retractable blade so you can rest easy if it is in your pocket!

Price: $ 1.50

Packaging Tape

Packaging Tape.


Don't be fooled by that cheapo packaging tape with only 50m on a roll! Our tape is good quality clear packaging tape 48mm wide and a full 100m on every roll.

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Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap.


1/ Standard Pre Stretch 23 micron palletwrap 500mm x 400M

2/Security Wrap Black - Non see through 500mm x 23 um x 400M

List Price: $ 29.95
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Custom Printed Tape.


Standard Polypropylene White Tape custom printed up to two colours
There are setup costs for your first run, lead time is 15 working days (three weeks).

Artwork supplied in suitable format

First Run or Rerun:
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Hand Strapping 1000m (12mm or 19mm)

Hand Strapping 1000m (12mm or 19mm).


Secure and protect your products with this high quality blue hand strapping.

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