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Wardrobe Box.

Wardrobe Box

What a fabulous thing a wardrobe box is! If you are moving house and want to protect some precious clothing, keep it hanging so you don't have to re-iron it at the other end or if you have clothing going into storage for an extended period of time then this is the box for you. Super strong twin cushion contstruction means this box will not crush and can be re-used again and again.

Wardrobe boxes provide you with an extremely easy way to transport your clothing when moving house, just transfer your clothes straight from wardrobe to wardrobe box! No messing around pulling coat hangers on and off, no ironing your ENTIRE wardrobe when you reach your destination and no wasting time folding and packing your clothes into boxes or suitcases. These wardrobe boxes protect your clothing minimising the possibility of them getting crushed, creased, smudged or torn in transit.

The box comes flatpacked with a sturdy cardboard pole to slot across the top. The cardboard used is extremely strong and durable ensuring protection from even the most careless of moving companies!

The dimenisons are 500mm x 500mm x 950mm

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