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DG Labels, i.e. Dangerous Goods Labels.

DG Labels, i.e. Dangerous Goods Labels

99mm x 98mm (500 per roll) Dangerous Goods Labels are printed in bright colours on high quality gloss stock with a permanent adhesive. Labels are very bright and ensure your message is highly visible where it needs

Note: Colours in brackets denote colour of printing on the labels.

Labels available:

Label Description: Colour of Label:
Explosive 1.2g Orange and Red
Flammable 3 Red
Flammable Gas 2 Red
Flammable Solids 4 Red and Black
Non Flammable Gas 2 Green
Miscellaneous 9 Black
Harmful 6 Black
Oxidising Agent Yellow and Black
Poison 6.1 Black
Corrosive 8 Black
Spontaneously Combustible 4.2 Red and Black
Limited Quantity Black and White

Single Rolls of 500:
12 Packs of 500 Labels (6000 Labels):

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